The Popularity Of Different Sports

Every type of physical sports has been proven to be healthy as it involves jumping, running, stretching, mental skills, teamwork and more. Today there are so many sports on the planet that you can choose from but how can you then classify them by their different categories? It would be very difficult if not almost impossible to do such, since each type of sport has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let me give you a brief description about each major category of sports.

The first category, which is known as individual sport refers to all those activities that involve only two or more people. These include swimming, volleyball, tennis, basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, softball and other such physical activities. The next category, which is the most popular and widely played sports is the dual sport category. This category includes football, baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer, motor sports, softball, ice skating, diving and other such physical activities. And finally, the last major category which is the most popular and widely played is the team sport category.

All these sports have gained huge popularity and millions of fans around the globe. In addition, some of them have become lucrative professions to some of the highest paid professional athletes of the world. Due to this huge popularity of these sports and the huge amount of money earned by these athletes, many organizations have come up to help people learn and improve their sports skills. With this many sports clubs and training centers have been built across the world to help train the athletes and help them achieve their goals.

One of the most popular sports in the world is soccer. Football or soccer as it is popularly known is one of the most popular and most played sports in the planet. It has evolved throughout the years and the game has now become one of the major sports of the planet. Football is a game which involves thousands of people from all over the world and hundreds of teams practicing and playing a game of football.

Another sports which are gaining huge popularity is cricket. Cricket is another very popular and ancient game played by thousands of people every year. Cricket started way back in the 16th century in England and is still being played even up to this date. Cricket is also a game which involves huge amounts of money and so has a professional governing body to make sure that the players are provided with proper training and are given proper support to help them reach their full potential. With the popularity of cricket, a lot of international and even national teams are making to represent the country that they are from.

There have been many sports stars who have emerged out of the various sports and they have become very popular among people. Some of these sports celebrities include cricketing legends, football legends, basketball stars and many more. All these sports stars have helped in boosting the level of sportsmanship and have helped make sports a much loved sport. This further helped in making sports even more popular and today there is a whole industry based on sports stars and their autograph and pictures.

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