The Importance of Clean Eating

Clean eating is basically a trend diet based upon the notion that avoiding processed food and consuming healthy whole foods provides certain health advantages. The diet can also exclude dairy products, grains, and gluten and recommend the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable. Many people follow this diet in order to lose weight and decrease their risk for a variety of diseases. It is not uncommon to find clean eating promoted in many magazines, as well as advertising on numerous television programs. Clean eating has become so popular that there are even support groups who assist others in sticking to this healthy diet.

People who adhere to the clean eating plan typically eat several smaller meals throughout the day. The meals are made up of mostly plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, nuts, and beans. Snacks are rarely consumed other than in the evenings after meals, with some individuals eating just a handful of snacks throughout the day. Clean eaters often feel satisfied at meals and snacks because they are paying closer attention to the nutritional content of what they eat.

Fruits and vegetables are the preferred diet when it comes to cleansing. Fresh produce like kale, cabbage, squash, and cucumbers are often used because they are high in nutrients, have low calories, and are easy to store. Pastas, beans, nuts, and seeds are all great as well. One of the benefits of eating these types of foods is that they provide fiber, which helps to keep a person feeling full for longer periods of time. This is important since foods that are high in fiber tend to fill a person up more than foods that are high in calories.

Fiber also helps to reduce cholesterol and helps to increase the beneficial levels of antioxidants in the body. When one adheres to a clean eating lifestyle, they are likely to decrease their intake of refined grains, which include white rice, bread, and pasta. They are more likely to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. Those who do not follow a healthy, clean eating lifestyle often consume more refined grains like those found in white rice, bagels, and white bread. Refined grains have increased calories and little nutritional content so they should be consumed in moderation.

Quinoa is an excellent choice for those looking to stick to a clean eating plan. As one of the higher quality grains available today, quinoa has received high recognition because of its nutritional content which makes it a perfect choice to add to a wide range of quinoa dishes or as a side dish in many different cuisines. Because quinoa has a high level of protein and contains all eight of the amino acids which are important to our immune systems, increasing consumption of this grain has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and have a positive effect on heart health.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Our bodies require a certain amount of fruits and vegetables each day in order to keep our digestive systems working properly. Fruits and veggies also provide a number of essential vitamins and minerals that can help us maintain a healthy weight.

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