Bollywood Music and Bollywood Movies

Hindi cinema, also called Bollywood and previously called Bombay film industry, is the major Indian Hindi-language movie industry based in Mumbai. The common name is an all-caps portmanteau of both “bombay” and “ollywood”. For the people who are not familiar with the two terms, here’s a rundown: Bombay is the name of the biggest commercial and financial harbor in India, while Hollywood is the town and producer of Hollywood movies and TV series. Both the terms are used to refer to the Mumbai film industry.

Most famous Bollywood directors started their careers in other Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai. Some notable names include Satya Hindi, Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, Sharukh khan, Madhubala, Karthikeyan Sahoo, Priyadarshan Sahoo and Anushka Shetty. Recently, an Indian actor began his career in Bollywood after starring in some popular English films like Bridget Jones Diary, Eat Pray Love and Something About Mary. Another name worth mentioning is Suraj Badhjaani, who has featured in some popular Hindi films such as Money Makan, Happy Days, Apne for Short and Someone or the Other. He is yet to win any major Film Farewell awards.

There are various awards and recognition ceremonies held in and around Bollywood throughout the year, where award-winning directors and actors are feluted with the dignity of the art film fraternity. These events are attended by VIPs from all over the world. The theme of each gala function/meeting is based on the previous year’s theme. So if you want to be feluted with an honorary degree, attend one of these events this year.

Bollywood scores big every year with the release of at least three films for the month of October/ November. Some of them arekar kamal kite, aehuk padli Thing and aehuk bandhan Badh, starring Aishwarya Rai, Sharukh Khan, Shazahn Padamsee, Sharukh Khan and Priyadarshan Sahoo. Among these, aehuk pad thing and aehuk bandhan bad are the most anticipated films. Aehuk padli is considered to be the Hindi version of Ben-Hur, which was released in 70s; it is an epic film that revolves around the life of King Herod. Aishwarya Rai and Sharukh Khan are known to be fan favorites.

If we talk about music then it is an obvious choice that will feature prominently in our list of Bollywood songs and bands. Both the Telugu and Tamil speaking people love their regional music, which is evident in the lyrics, tunes and dances of the film. For this reason, the Telugu version of Arundhati is immensely popular and the dance sequence in the film is absolutely mesmerizing. Tamil Nadu is also home to some super talented artists such as Tamilnadu Sivaram, Kumar Mangalam, P. S. Rajamouli, E. S. Prabhu, K. Nagesh and many more.

The movie industry of Bollywood has created its niche in the international market through its blockbuster movies that have shared the box office successes with some of the biggest and costliest films of Hollywood. Some of them include Hero, Kaatigahara, Yala etc. To date, no other Bollywood film has achieved this kind of success. The directors and producers of Bollywood are now focusing more on the international market. Many of them are also making their movies available through DVD and are inviting people to buy their DVDs and pass them on to their friends. This has further helped the popularity of Bollywood as it is now offering its movies to the whole world.

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