Mostly, 8 inches of thickness is considered ideal. It is for durability and comfort. However, the thickness is divided into layers and each layer has its importance. The reason being, each layer contains different material that affects support, comfort, and durability. Note that the minimum prerequisite of thickness is two to three inches of the comfort layer. For the base layer, it has to be between 5 and 6 inches. 

You will feel mattresses that have multiple layers are softer than others. Below are some of the factors that constitute towards deciding the right thickness to the mattress you sleep in. 

How thick memory foam mattress?

Following are some suggestions and recommendations given to people by doctors and physicians.

Factor 1: Medical Conditions and Concerns 

People who are diagnosed with back issues or those who complain about back pain are advised to sleep on a firmer mattress with thinner layers. Also, it is said that mattresses that range between 8 and 12 inches are good for back pain. However, medium-firm mattresses are best to sleep in. 

Arthritis, hip pain, and shoulder pain are very taxing on physical health. To curb the intensity of pain one should sleep on enhanced mattresses that are way softer. Such mattresses are 12 – 14 inches thick and mostly have layers of plush that help these people to relieve pressure from shoulders, joints, and hips.

Factor 2: People Sharing a Mattress or Sleeping Alone

Thin mattresses are not much supportive as compared to those which have thick. It is because thicker mattresses have layers and thinner ones don’t have any layer at all. So, when you sleep alone on the thin mattress no pressure is put on the mattress. On the contrary, when you sleep with someone on the mattress, the pressure is put. Thinner mattresses have the potential of making a sag if a lot of pressure is placed. For more than one-person mattresses must have at least 12 inches of thickness. 

Factor 3: Bed Base and its Height 

Another factor that constitutes the right thickness of a mattress is the height of the bed’s base. The Foundation of the bed, the height of the box spring, adjustability factor of the bed, and platform are to be considered. The total height of the bed, its dimensions, and everything overall shouldn’t be more than 25 inches. For instance, if the thickness of a mattress is let’s say of 18 inches, the foundation shouldn’t be more than 7 inches in height. It is because people who have back pain or arthritis find it hard to get in and out of the taller beds. 

Factor 4: Body Type 

Bodyweight is something that matters a lot in the right choice of thickness (of a mattress). You should select a mattress that provides enough support and sleep. This could be determined by the type of body you have. 

  • For 130 Lbs. 

Light sleepers with 130 pounds or less should use a mattress that is 12 inches thick. 

  • For 130 – 230 Lbs.

10 to 12 inches is best for people who fall in the category of 130 to 230 lbs. 

  • 230+ Lbs.

For this group of body type anything between 12- and 14-inches thickness is said to do justice to the body.